Frigologix has been acquired by Stockhabo

Stockhabo is a strong player in the market for storage under controlled temperature. We have joined forces and will soon continue under the name Stockabo.

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Warehousing, value added logistics and transport of refrigerated products.

Frigologix provides storage, distribution and value added logistics of refrigerated products. We do this efficiently, durably and with an eye for quality. Food safety is our highest priority. Our IFS-certificates for Food and Logistics are the evidence of this.

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Farm Frites

“Frigologix takes care of loading our fries (both fresh and frozen) into our trucks every day. Their flexibility and their customer-focused solutions have proven to be indispensable to us.”

Jan de Wilde, Supply Chain Director Farm Frites

Frigologix Mora diepvriesproducten partner


“For Mora, Frigologix is the perfect logistical service provider for stocking our overflow. They also guarantee all our repackaging activities in the Belgian retail market. Frigologix offers Mora the right solution time and again, they’re very flexible and help us think in terms of solutions.”

Rudi van Decraen, Sales Operations Manager

Frigologix McCain friet partner


“At our peak season we regularly fall back on Frigo Logix . The flexible arrangement , the personal approach and fast action is for us of great value.”

Ronald Dees, Logistics Manager

Jacques ijs

Jacques ijs

“In collaboration with Frigologix we’ve managed to save costs on repackaging our products. Thanks to Frigologix’s transparent and effective approach we’ve managed to realise our intended cost-savings.”

Peter van Baelen, Logistics Manager

Frigologix Glacio logo partner


“We’ve trusted Frigologix with transshipping our Japanese export. The Japanese market is appreciative of the high quality of our products and expects a fitting logistical presentation. Frigologix is perfectly capable of guaranteeing this service.”

Bert Nys, Managing Director

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Do you want to outsource refrigerated storage or are you interested in our value added logistics? Ask us your questions. We would love to help you figure it out.
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Our Services

In our warehouse in Lommel we provide the purchase, storage and distribution of fresh products and refrigerated products. Throughout the whole chain we guarantee the temperature and we keep food safety at the highest level.

By working efficiently, we are able to offer you cheap distribution solutions.

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